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Kyle Blumberg:

PhD Philosophy NYU, GH from (grade 7-12)


Attending Greyton House benefited me enormously. This was largely due to the quality of my teachers. They saw education as an end in itself, rather than just a means. That is, they emphasized the goodness of understanding things for their own sake. Getting kids to see this is a kind of gift, and is probably one of the reasons why I’ve chosen to keep studying. For instance, we once hiked up to see the rare Disas in the foothills of the Greyton mountains. On another occasion, we went into the nature reserve in order to observe the differences between the leeward and windward sides of a mountain (in terms of plant life, animal life, etc.). These sorts of experiences have stayed with me, and given me an appreciation for the natural world.


Olivia Sedgwick

Leaving Cape Town to go to a small country school when I was seven years old was a big adjustment for me at the time. Nevertheless, despite the anxiety that came with the move, my mom could not have made a better choice on my behalf. Greyton House was a blessing to say the least. It was an absolute privilege to be able to grow up climbing trees, hiking mountains and building bases in the river. In a world where my generation seems to be growing up so fast with intense pressure from an early age to excel, I felt like Greyton House allowed me to develop at my own pace, while allowing me to embrace my childhood and not grow up too fast. However, this must not undermine the academic excellence at Greyton House, because upon leaving the primary school all of those who left to bigger high schools and universities have thrived to say the least. 


Jeanne Theron (Teacher at Greyton House for 17 Years)

I have had the opportunity to teach at many schools, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all my experiences at Greyton House.

The small classes, friendly environment and open communication between all parties has been very special for me.


Toriq Hermanus

I feel very blessed to be a pupil at Greyton House. My journey started in the Nursery class where the teacher did not only fulfill the role of an educator but also a mother. The school provides a safe environment and you really become part of a family. 


The smaller classes at Greyton House creates the opportunity for teacher and pupil to bond. It also means maximum attention is given to each child. This in turn helps us to understand and grasp work quickly. 


Greyton House is very passionate about our sport, such as hockey, athletics, cricket and cross-country. We are also taught about sportsmanship and that it does not matter if you win or lose. Cultural activities like music, marimbas, art and drama also helps us, as pupils develop a love for creativity. 


Even though Greyton House is small, the education is of a high standard. The excursions we are taken on will always be remembered. Greyton House has taught me to care for the environment, for human beings, as well as animals. 


I am very grateful for the opportunity I have had to be a part of Greyton House for 7 years and honour the teachers of the school. 

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