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APPLICATION FORM To be completed upon a child’s entry into the school plus a birth certificate. If a foreign national, then a Scholar’s Visa must also be produced.

ASSESSMENT TESTS Pupils entering the school in Gr R - 7 will undergo an age-appropriate assessment test to ensure that they are able to cope in the class requested, and for the teacher to ascertain the child’s work stage attained. (Copies of the child’s recent reports from the previous school are found to be most useful).

ASSEMBLY Assemblies are held once a week on Mondays, starting at 07h50. These are usually combined with a small dramatic production which classes take turns at presenting to the school. Weekly awards are given out at Assemblies.

ART CLASSES Pupils in Gr R - 7 have art classes once a week with Mrs. Dina Kuijers.

ACADEMIC SUPPORT Should a pupil need a Counsellor, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, etc., to assist with any learning or emotional problem, outside professional assistance will be recommended.


BURSAR Contact the school principal on

BREAKS There are two official breaks daily: 10h00 to 10h30 and 12h00 to 12h30. Foundation classes have extra short breaks in between lessons. Parents should provide enough food and drink to cover their children’s snack times. Please try and keep food as healthy as possible. Sugar laden snacks and drinks are discouraged.

BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS Name of Account: GREYTON HOUSE ASSOCIATION Bank: First National Bank, Caledon Branch No: 200212; Account Number: 6200 569 6630

BIRTH CERTIFICATES Parents must provide the school with a copy of their child’s birth certificate as their ID numbers are used as part of the WCED administration system. Students attending school on a scholar’s visa must have these up to date and current.

BOOK PRIZES At the end of the year Prize Giving, every child in the school is presented with an age- appropriate book prize. These books are purchased by the parents and handed in to the school office. A book plate will be stuck to the front cover of this book with words of encouragement by the class teacher.


CONTRACT & CONDITIONS  Once a child has been accepted into the school (after the completion of an assessment test), parents will be asked to sign a contract regarding the various Conditions of Entry. This includes but is not limited to: One term’s notice Termination Procedure, Parent Contract of Involvement, Staff & Parent Interaction Policy.


CAKE RAFFLES Traditionally, Greyton House holds a weekly Cake Raffle for pupils. Once a year, in alphabetical order, parents are asked to provide a cake (or cupcakes) for this raffle which is held every Friday with the draw taking place at 12h30 that day.


CLEANER/GENERAL HANDS Miss Francina Mower is the Housekeeper at the school and we employ one part-time gardener.


COMPUTERS Pupils in Grades R to 7 have a weekly technology lessons.


CEMIS Every pupil in the school has a CEMIS number with the Western Cape Education department.This number remains with them throughout their scholastic career, whatever South African School they are registered at.


CAPS CURRICULUM The Greyton House curriculum is compliant with the South African Curriculum Assessment  Policy Statement (CAPS). Further value is added to this to take full advantage of Greyton’s unique natural and agricultural surroundings and environment.        


COMPOSITE CLASSES Due to our limited numbers of pupils and staff all classes are composite classese.g. Grades 00 & R; Grades 1 & 2; Grades 3 & 4; Grades 5, 6 & 7.  These combinations may vary according to pupil numbers in any particular year. 


CLASS REPRESENTATIVES A parent from each class volunteers to be the Class Rep for a year. This entails  assisting the class teacher with outings, lifts, tuck shop days, etc.


CLASS ASSEMBLIES Class Assemblies happen on a rotational basis every Monday morning starting at 7:50am; each class acts out a story usually with a moral theme.  Parents are most welcome and encouraged, to attend.


CONTACT LIST & CONTACT DETAILS The school office keeps an up-to-date contact list of parents’ names, email addresses and cell numbers.  It is vital that parents remember to update any changes with the office as soon as possible in case the school needs to get hold of them urgently or in an emergency.


CORRESPONDENCE This can either be by email to directly to the class teacher concerned, or for more serious matters, to the School Principal.


CODE OF CONDUCT Relates to a number of points for a pupil to remember viz: Regulations regarding the wearing  of the correct school uniform, completion of homework, learning for tests, conduct in class, participation in games and clubs; their undertaking to be punctual, honest, and respectful of  other people’s property; understanding that cheating, plagiarism, theft could jeopardise a  pupil’s place at Greyton House;  to respect the needs and feelings of others, and distance  himself/herself from any form of bullying; give an undertaking not to do anything that will bring the reputation of the school into disrepute. 


CALENDAR The school follows the calendar for any year as closely as possible to that set down by the Western Cape Education Department. (Public Holidays & School Holidays included).  Parents will be notified in good time about any variations which may occur from time to time.


COMMUNICATION WITH STAFF & PRINCIPAL See under ‘Correspondence’ above.  Short notes are often sent home via children’s diaries(especially in the lower classes) to inform parents of any matters concerning changes to routine, appeals for assistance, etc. A weekly newsletter is sent out on a Friday with school news. Each class rep communicates via the class Whatsapp group. 


COMMUNITY OUTREACH It is important for the pupils to realise that Greyton House is part of, and cares about, the wider Greyton/Genadendal community. In this respect we encourage classes to take part in various activities such as mountain hacks on alien trees, river clean ups, collections for Welfare Societies (Red Cross & Animal Welfare Society, EARS, etc.)


COLLECTION TIMES Grade 00 pupils may be collected from the back gate at 12h00. Likewise, Grade R, One and Two pupils can be collected from the back gate at 13h00 by parents. Grade 3 to 7 pupils can be collected at the front of the school at 14h00.


DISCIPLINE See under ‘Code of Conduct’ above.        


DRAMA CLASSES Grades 0 to Grade 7 are taken weekly by The Helen O’Grady School of Drama. These take place in the Moravian Hall. An annual charge is levied to parents for these classes (which may be paid off by the term).


DEPOSITS FOR NEW STUDENTS Pupils in the Grade 0 and R classes will be required to pay a R5 000 deposit; Grade 1 to Grade 7 will be  required to pay a R7 000 deposit. This is refundable if a child should leave the school and a full term's notice is given. By arrangement with the School, this deposit can be paid off over a couple of months.


DISCOUNT ON FEES PAID IN ADVANCE There is a discount of 8% for a once-off fee paid in advance. A 4% discount applies for a six month payment of fees in advance. There is a 10% sibling discount on the lesser fees. 


ENRICHMENT CLUBS The senior classes in the school participate in these clubs which usually encompass Cooking, Design, Craft and an Environmental Club (run by Marshall Rinquest from the Transition Town Forum). Staff or parent volunteers usually run the Cooking and Craft.


EXTRA MURAL ACTIVITIES A termly timetable is produced stating which games are compulsory and which are voluntary. Foundation Phase pupils are expected to do at least one activity per week; Senior children must participate in at least two sessions of sport.  Summer terms: Athletics and Cricket; Winter Terms: Hockey, Soccer and Cross-Country Running.  Hiking & chess are voluntary activities.  Swimming, Gym and Jujitsu are on offer but are privately run lessons.


EXAMS Pupils in Grades 6 and 7 write examinations in the 2nd and 4th terms. The rest of the school will be assessed weekly on various subjects enabling staff to monitor progress. This enables different kinds of assessment besides tests.


EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (EMC) The EMC meets monthly and is made up of various task teams that assist with the bursary programme, curriculum policies, finances, forward planning, marketing, etc. The EMC is made up of volunteers within the broader Greyton business community as well as parents, a staff representative and the principal. 


EFFORT BADGES Awarded to pupils in the senior classes for special effort in any area of the curriculum. These are returned weekly for re-award the following week.


EMAIL Email addresses for school:


ENTREPRENEURS DAY This “day” is usually held once a year, when the children are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ and come up with an innovative plan to make a little money for themselves.  A small percentage of the profit earned is paid to the school.  Younger children can be assisted by their parents if need be.       


FEES Fees are determined by the Governing Body and are reviewed annually.

FIRE DRILL A fire drill system is in place; staff and children have periodic practices (usually once a term).  They are reminded of emergency procedures and the arranged escape routes in the event that they should be necessary.  


FRIENDS OF GREYTON HOUSE Past board members, parents, children and interested members of the Greyton community belong to this group and, if requested by them, will receive a weekly newsletter and/or an invitation to plays, prize-giving and other functions.


FACEBOOK Used as a marketing platform where pictures and comments are posted.    


FRUIT In the Foundation classes, each child is asked to bring a fruit daily which is shared between the children in the class at ‘fruit snack time’.

FUNDRAISING Due to the small size of GH, fundraising is of paramount importance. All parents are asked to volunteer to assist with organizing (at least) one function/ event. These are fun events and they play a huge role in team building and responsibe for our children’s education.  


GAMES See Extra Mural Activities.

GOVERNING BODY The Governing Body (GB) is responsible for governance of Greyton House and meet every 3 months. The GB will also ratify any management decisions made at the Executive Management Committee (EMC) level. 

GYM Private Lessons with Mr Alex Sleenhof are held at Greyton House – Cell: 079 380 3563.

GRADES Greyton House has Grade 00 to 7. Children from age 3/4 (preferably 4 years old and already potty trained) can be accepted into the Nursery class.  Children aged 5/6 are accepted into the Reception Class, and those aged 6/7 into Grade One, and into the older classes based upon the appropriate age for that class.


HATS All children are expected to have a navy ‘floppy’ hat especially in the summer terms. Badges for hats are available from the school office.


HAIR STYLES Neat and tidy styles. In both girls and boys, hair should not hang down in front of the eyes.


HIGH FLYERS Certificates given out to the Foundation Phase pupils for good work and/or anything that needs praise.


HEALTH Parents are asked to keep their children at home should they have an illness, tummy upset, a cold, ‘flu and/or any infectious condition.  Should a child be absent from school for more than 3 days, a doctor’s certificate should be provided.


HIGH SCHOOL The establishment of a proposed English Medium High School for Greyton House is still under review. But there is no set date for the conclusion of this exercise at this time.  Land has been allocated by the TWK Municipality and the Environmental Impact Assessment is partially complete.  This is an ongoing project, the viability of which is being examined by the EMC (Executive Management Committee).


INDEMNITY FORMS When a child is taken out on an excursion by the school parents will be asked to sign an Indemnity form absolving Greyton House School from any claims, loss, damage, injury to persons or property. A General Indemnity Form should also be signed and lodged in the pupil’s file.


INCIDENTAL AMOUNTS ON INVOICES These could be for stationery purchased, or Helen O’Grady Drama charges or materials used by the senior classes in Enrichment Clubs. Any queries should be addressed to the Bursar.


ILLNESS AT SCHOOL Should a child suddenly become unwell at school, the office will telephone parents immediately.  If it is an emergency, the pupil will be taken straight to the local doctor.  If it is a minor complaint, such as a headache, a slight cut, a scratch, this can be dealt with at school.  However, if a child needs to be medicated parents will first be contacted to give their permission. See under Health for further details.


INTEREST ON LATE PAYMENTS Fee payments made later than the 7th of each month (from February to November) will attract an interest charge of 9% per annum. Interest is payable on any and all items not paid from the account.


JUJITSU CLASSES These are private lessons offered to the school by Mr. John Brunskill for children over 10 years of age. Contact Number: 072 304 5428.


KITCHEN The kitchen may be utilised by children to warm up their lunch with the micro-wave oven, or use the fridge to keep something cool. It is also used for cooking classes.


LOST PROPERTY Parents should please check the Lost Property basket (located in the kitchen) from time to time.  All clothing left lying around is collected and put in this basket. If it is not collected after a term and there is no name on an item of clothing, it is put in the 2nd hand uniform shop.  Please mark all items of school uniform.


LATENESS School starts at 7h50 throughout the year (except for the Gr 00 class pupils have to arrive by 08h30.)  Children who are continually late will receive a Late Card warning and be encouraged to arrive on time. 

Library: There is a small class library in each Grade and children are encouraged to use the main library at school.


LEARNING PROBLEMS OR DISABILITIES Should any of these present themselves (whether discovered by teachers or suspected by parents) it is essential that there should be consultation between them.  The school may be able to resolve the issue, failing which it may be necessary to recommend a referral to a specialist educational psychologist, audiologist, pediatrician, optometrist, etc.


MERIT BADGES Awards given out for academic excellence.


MUSIC Once a week the whole school does class singing, and in addition, the senior classes doRecorders & Marimba lessons with Mr. Sean Cloete.


MOUNTAIN BIKING CLUB Depending upon the demand, pupils do have the opportunity of joining the private biking club.


MARKETING Of vital importance for the school; our webpage, Facebook page and Instagram page are used mainly for this purpose.  We also endeavor to include news in the local Sentinel magazine. All news is welcome, and if there is any achievement outside of school, please send news to the principal for inclusion.


NEWSLETTERS A newsletter is sent out on Fridays every week of every term to keep parents up-to-date    with school news.

NURSERY CLASS Children from the age of 4 and above are accepted, but they must first be potty trained. Ideally, children should be aged 4 and 5 in Nursery class and 6 years old in Reception class and be 7 years old in Grade 1.

NATIONAL ANTHEM This is sung once a week at the school assembly.


NATIONAL FLAG The National flag is flown outside the school every day during term time.


OUTINGS It is the intention that every class has an outing once a term based on some part of the curriculum. The senior class will certainly have one, if not two, camps away during the year; with an emphasis on leadership, peer co- operation and adventure.


OPEN DAY Usually held in the second term when the school is open to the general public and any potential future parents who might be interested in sending their children to Greyton House.  The open morning is advertised locally and in Caledon and, of course, the information is put out on Facebook and the webpage.


PAYMENT (SEE FEES) Payment of school fees is required on or before the 7thof each month.  Payments can be made by EFT into the school account, by cash or via SnapScan (kindly note a 3% service charge will apply for SnapScan transactions)


PHOTOGRAPHS From time to time photographs may be taken of Greyton House pupils while engaged in school activities (hockey matches, civvies day etc.)  Parents need to sign a Photograph Permission form (available from the office) indicating whether or not they agree to any group photographs being used on Facebook or the webpage. In addition, individual and class photographs are taken once a year by a professional photographer for parents to order if they wish.


PARENT/TEACHER MEETINGS At the beginning of any year parents are collectively invited to the school to meet their child’s new class teacher and to hear what will happen during the coming year. This is a general overview of the curriculum and what is expected from both children and parents.  During the second term individual parent/teacher meetings are organised. Of course, should a parent wish to consult with a teacher at any stage of the year to discuss a concern, please make an appointment through the school office.


PRINCIPAL Runs the academic side of the school in conjunction with the teaching staff. Policy decisions and all discipline matters are handled by him/her. He/She reports directly to Governing Body. 




RAINY DAYS Children will be occupied within the school should the weather be inclement.


REGISTER By law a daily attendance register is kept of all pupils at Greyton House.   


RELIGIOUS POLICY Greyton House Village School is non-denominational in nature. We endeavour to cultivate an environment of open-mindedness and acceptance of different beliefs which we believe to be vital in our ever changing world. Religious instruction and education therefore rests solely with parents to practice in accordance with what best suits their household and individual family environment.                 


REPORTS Reports are written for each child termly.  Mid-year and End-of-Year reports are generally more comprehensive. 


STATIONERY Specific stationery requirements are given to parents for each class. Lists are available from the school office.  All items are readily available at most stationery shops.  However, stationery needed by pupils in an ‘emergency’ while class is in session is available from the school office;  this will be charged to the child’s account. If you do NOT wish your child to purchase from the school please advise the principal 


SECOND HAND UNIFORM SHOP A parent volunteer runs the second-hand uniforms shop – usually on a Friday lunchtime.  Enquiries can be made through the school office.


SUNSCREEN Definitely a must during the two summer terms.


SPORT Sport is compulsory for most children twice a week.  There are a number of voluntary sports as extra activities should parents require these for their children. Details are available from the office.


SPECIAL NEEDS Parents should engage with the school over any special needs their children may have. For example: Should a child have any hearing or eye-sight problems and need to sit in the front of aclass or have special dietary or medication requirements, or needs referral to a specialist  educational psychologist, etc. 


SWIMMING (Private Lessons) during the summer terms with Mr Alex Sleenhof 079 380 3563


SHOES Sandals (navy or black) may be worn in summer and closed black shoes with socks, stockings or tights are worn in the winter months.


SCHOOL SATCHELS/BAGS Navy satchels preferable.


SCHOOL POLICIES Most school policies are found in the “Contractual Terms and Conditions” that parents are asked to sign upon their child’s entry into the school i.e. Acceptance of Enrolment/ Termination of Contract etc.


SCHOOL MOTTOS These are a “Childhood to Remember” and “For the Love of Learning”


TUCK SHOP Usually held every Friday at 2ndbreak – each class taking it in turns to run this.  Healthy alternatives rather than over-sugary sweets are preferable.


TIMES OF OPENING & CLOSING The school will be open from 7h25 every morning; students are expected to be at school by 7h45 every day to facilitate a prompt start at 07h50.  Grades 00 and R classes end at 12h00 and children can be collected from the back gate. Grades 1 and 2 (unless they have sport) can be collected from the back gate by 1 o’clock.  All other grades end at 2 o’clock and can be collected from the front of the school.  Due to safety concerns we do not encourage children to wait outside the front gate on the side of the road for their lifts; they have been instructed to wait on the front stoep of the school.  On Fridays all Grades finish school at 13h00.


TERMINATION One full term’s notice in writing or payment of a quarter of the applicable annual fees in lieu of such notice.


TRAVELLING BOOKSHOP Once a year (usually in October) the Travelling Book shop comes to the school. As we do not have a book store in Greytonit is hoped that parents willfind this useful towards buying their child’s book for prize-giving and/or a present for Christmas. This facility is also open to the general public in Greyton and advertised over the Tourism webpage.


Uniforms Policy currently under review. 

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